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String Instruments Ltd. is a full-service string shop that has been dedicated to serving both professional musicians and students for almost forty years. We sell violins, violas, cellos, and their bows and string accessories and supplies, including cases and strings. We also do string instrument repair and restoration as well as bow work and rehairing.

Over the years String Instruments Ltd. has acquired, sold, and serviced some of the finest violins, violas, cellos available as well as their bows. Instruments by makers such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, Rugeri, Rogeri, Tononi, Grancino, Testore, Lott, and Forster have passed through the shop, as well as bows by Tourte, Peccatte, Henry, Sartory, Tubbs, Vuillaume, and others. As a comprehensive string shop, we also carry a full range of affordable student-quality instruments.

We welcome inquiries about instruments or bows currently available and are further able to meet players' needs through our access to many fine instruments in addition to those in our shop.


Founded in 1968, the company was originally located on Long Island. In 1978, it was incorporated as String Instruments Ltd. Two years later, we moved to Rochester, New York; since 1982 we have occupied space in Rochester's cultural district.

We are pleased to be affiliated with Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins of Chicago. This relationship gives us access to some of the finest instruments and bows in existence. From 1993 to 2008, we were an authorized agent of Bein & Fushi, Inc., recognized internationally as one of the top violin houses worldwide.

About Us

Sal Signorelli, founder and sole owner of String Instruments Ltd., was associated with the legendary Rembert Wurlitzer Company in New York City until their closing in the early 70's and was responsible for taking the certificate photos for the company.

Mr. Signorelli's experience at Wurlitzer gave him the opportunity to examine many fine instruments and bows and meet many of the best known dealers and makers of the time, including Hans Weisshaar, Joseph Settin, and Erwin Hertel. Counted among his friends were the late S. F. Sacconi, author of The Secrets of Stradivari, and Dario D'Attili, considered one of the best violin experts of his day. In addition to his many years' experience in the string instrument business, he has also been a player, teacher, and conductor.

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